Onsite organic waste management and energy savings through anaerobic digestion technology


Our goal is to deliver innovative services and products in the fields of Onsite Waste Management and Bioenergy Production by working with global partners in the development and delivery of waste-to-energy technologies, including the anaerobic digestion of organic waste and slurry.

Electricity generation from waste technologies are cost competitive where feedstock is available at low cost or as a revenue source at larger scales, and where cogeneration of heat offers opportunities to reduce other costs. As well as delivering baseload renewable energy, co-benefits from bioenergy and energy from waste include lower waste disposal costs and reduced pollution from particulate emissions, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides compared with fossil fuel generation. (Source: www.cefc.com.au)


Why organic waste?

Organic waste forms a significant proportion of waste generated in Australia, and an even more significant portion of waste sent to landfills. Degradation of organics in landfills generate the potent greenhouse gas methane (methane is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide) and also produces potentially polluting leachate.

Diverting organics from landfill has a double benefit – reduced landfill gas emissions and sequestered soil carbon contributing to improved farm production..



How can your business benefit?

✓ Reduce Your Waste Bills
Waste-to-energy technologies offer a practical solution that diverts organic material that is otherwise destined to landfills. This equates to a reduction in the costs related to the management and disposal of the organic waste you produce.

✓ Reduce Your Energy Bills
Your business can save dramatically on hefty energy bills by converting the organic waste you produce into valuable energy that can be utilised instantaneously.

✓ Meet Waste and Environmental Regulations
Our innovative solutions will help you comply with various regulations set by the EPA which will not only help minimise your impact on the environment but also allow you to take your business further.

✓ Enhance Your Brand Image
By engaging in environmental sustainability and ethical business practices your business will gain an edge over your competitors by being viewed more favourably by your customers and business partners.

The tremendous advantages can only mean one thing, a win-win situation for both your business and the environment.